Meeting with the Russian children’s author D.N. Entina on the 28th of December, 2012

Shortly prior to New Year’s Eve, on the 28th of December, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Luxembourg hosted a talk by a Russian children’s writer and member of the Union of Professional Writers of Russia Dianna Nikolaevna Entina, who is also the mother of the Ambassador of Russia in Luxembourg. Dianna Nikolaevna spoke of her books, plots for which she found from her life experiences, and a life which has been very eventful and full of interesting occasions. She told the audience how her wonderful husband, sons and grandchildren inspired her to keep writing. After she had experienced the joy of making her boys laugh at the first sentence of her short story about the continent of giraffes and leopards called “Africa is where monkeys live”, she simply could not stop writing. She has written a great number of touching and insightful stories for children and also written a few volumes about her family. The cartoon about Africa, the script for which was written by Dianna Nikolaevna and which was narrated by Nicholai Karachentsov seemed absolutely magical for those who attended. Whilst short and simple at first glance, like all African art, it got the audience thinking about timeless values: kindness, love, courage and compassion.

The audience comprised not only «adult» representatives of the Russian community, including the famous children’s writer Anatoly Aleksin with his wife (who incidentally recommended Dianna Nikolaevna for membership in the Union of Writers) but also very young Russians. Of course Dianna Nikolaevna signed her books for all the young members of the audience and those who missed the event, are able to obtain a free copy from the Russian Embassy for an enjoyable read. Some books are also being donated to the Russian school in Luxembourg “Kalinka” and the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.