Russian Stand at International Bazar 2018


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Russian Stand at the Luxembourg International Bazar. It is hard to believe that until 2008 the Russian-speaking community of the Grand Duchy was not actually united. When the first project of the Russian Stand was launched, about 20 volunteers joined it. They supported this honorable initiative with all their hearts and minds. Within two months after the premiere of the Stand and on its base, the Russian Club of Luxembourg was created. The Russian School, the Russian Women Club, the Russian Charity Ball and others followed. The life of the Russian-speaking community has changed radically.

The Russian Stand also played a significant role in strengthening friendly ties with other national communities of Luxembourg.

During the past 10 years the Stand raised hundreds of thousands of euros for charities in Russia and the common projects of the International Bazar. All these years the Stand enjoyed great support from the Embassy of Russian Federation in the Grand Duchy and from local companies that have business ties to Russia.

Happy Birthday, Russian Stand at the International Bazar! We wish you continued success for many years to come!

This year the International Bazar takes place on December 8 and 9 at LuxExpo.