Russian Ball


Brilliant! Great! Fabulous! Speaking of Russian Ball organized by Russian Club of Luxembourg you can use only the most enthusiastic words. The ball was held in the most prestige Luxembourg hall «Cercle Cite» on January 18. The date is symbolic. It was the first weekend after the Old New Year’s Eve celebration. The most beautiful women. The luxurious evening dresses, political and business elite of the country and of the Russian-speaking community. Masterpieces . Fabulous artists — singers , ballet dancer, show business stars, champion in gymnastics, current and future . Brilliant arias and ballet performances — excellent reason to be proud of the Russian classics. Delicious national dishes by the famous restaurateurs. It was warm and relaxed atmosphere. All this is the Russian Ball — unique event of the cultural life of Luxembourg, the azimuth of the deep friendly and sustainable relations between Russia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg .

 Moreover – it is a charity event: all the money from this ball, as usual, will be transferred to the Russian Orphans Foundation Fund. The Ball was hosted by Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider and Russian Ambassador Mark Entin.

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