Ambassador Entin met Torbjørn Frøysnes in Brussels

February, 27. Ambassador Entin met with Torbjørn Frøysnes, Special representative of the Secretary General to the Council of Europe in his office in Brussels, as well with other prominent members of this representation. They thoroughly discussed the CE role in the European and transatlantic architecture, pressing problems of this organization and the relations between it and the European Union.

The counterparts spoke in favor of the popularization of CE activities and its contribution into the construction  of the common legal, humanitarian, cultural and educational space on the continent, of a broader informing of the European public about its work.

They underlined that much is being done in Russia for the success of CE, that Russian ministries, institutions and expert communities have built close cooperation with its European partners within the framework of this international organization. Priority fields include combat against corruption, money laundering, oppression of ethnic minorities, as well as help to the European Court of Human Rights. For example Moscow sent 25 lawyers at its own expense so that they could help to considerably reduce the periods of appeal hearings by the Court.

It is important that European countries and the European Union know more about this, base on real facts and not on conjectures while elaborating their position, take account of them in practical policy.

The participants have qualified the exchange of opinions as highly efficient and promised to continue it, if possible, in Luxembourg.