Ambassador meets Hisanori Isomura


A long career of Hisanori Isomura in Foreign Service of the NHK, then post of the Head of Japan House of Culture to Paris made him an astute observer of Franco-Japanese relations and eminent Francophone actor. Today he is well-known person, participating in various Franco-Japanese councils and associations which work in communication, economic fields and many others.

On June 21 he met with friends of the “Grand-Château d’Ansembourg” and “Renaissance française” giving his personal vision of Franco-Japanese relations as high-level partnership which was established between France and Japan after  State visit of the President of the French Republic in June 2014 in Japan and official visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Paris on May last year.

On this occasion the Russian Ambassador to Luxembourg Mark Entin and Hisanori Isomura had a long exchange of views on modern international relations.