Ambassador meets with Luxembourg students

Visit of H.E. Mark Entin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Luxembourg to the ECA, 26-02-2014-2

On March 10, 2014 Russian Ambassador Mark Entin made a lecture in the University of Luxembourg on domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation and human rights issues.

Providing numerous examples, he showed that myopic policy of the promotion one-sided interpreted standards of human rights is often used to divert public attention from the acute social problems of the society and to achieve mercenary foreign policy goals. This however doesn’t diminish the importance of human rights as one of the greatest achievements of our civilization and the importance of extensive international cooperation to protect it, he said.

The intention of the Russian Government to improve legislation and enforce the rule of law at the international level was analyzed through the prism of the Russian contribution to the strengthening of the Council of Europe and updating its agenda. The Ambassador spoke in detail on the proposals of Russian authorities to create a common European economic, legal and humanitarian zone from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the ideas concerning the creation of a Greater Europe or the Union of Europe.

Despite rare for Luxembourg warm and sunny weather, the conference room of University of Luxembourg was full — the lecture elicited great interest among the participants and was attended by over a hundred students and teachers.