Ambassador met with the new head of the «Luxembourg for Finance»

Ambassador of Russia Mark Entin led the first of a series of meetings in Luxembourg with the CEO of «Luxembourg for Finance» Agency Nicolas Mackel . The Ambassador took the opportunity to congratulate him on his new high and very promising position. Nicolas Makel spoke in detail about the latest trends in «Luxembourg for Finance» work, which should appear with his arrival . It comes from the fact that the link between the agency and the government agencies will intensify. The latter will provide even more help and support in dealing with the challenges the Agence faces. Among the priorities — expansion of cooperation with Russia and other emerging financial markets.

Mark Entin and Nicolas Mackel discussed in detail possible areas of cooperation. These include facilitating the creation of Russian own financial center, attracting investments into the economy of Russia and Luxembourg, introducing a wide range of entrepreneurs with the opportunities and benefits of doing business and the use of financial instruments in both countries.

They also addressed the problem of opening of direct air links between Russia and Luxembourg, the creation under the auspices of the University of Luxembourg of the Center of Russian Studies, opening in Luxembourg branches of major banks and some other issues.