Ambassador participates at the conference of the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies


On April 8, in one of the socio-political centers of Luxembourg held a conference on the prospects of economic relations between the European Union and the United States, organized by Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies.

The conference elicited great interest, the conference room was full.

The key-speaker was well-known writer, essayist, Doctor of Political Science, member of the scientific council of ATTAC Raoul Marc Jennar with his speech  « What hides the project of transatlantic common market ». Raoul Marc Jennar personally participated in the organization and implementation of a series of WTO forums. He is also Author of such books as « Europe, the treason of the elites » etc.

During the conference Raoul Marc Jennar spoke in detail about background of the current negotiations and did an analysis of the positions of the parties. Using concrete examples he showed to what could serve such agreements and what impact they could attend especially for the EU economy and for socio-political relations in the European Union.

His position received a warm response among the audience and broad support during the following discussions. The Russian Ambassador Mark Entin took the floor at the end of the conference, it was some kind of solidarity with the conclusions made ​​by Professor Jennar; Ambassador presented as well the main approaches of the Russian Federation to the negotiations on the creation of transatlantic common market.