Ambassador participates in conference «The rise of anti-EU parties and the upcoming European elections»


On May 6 at the conference center in Jean Monnet Building of the European Commission in Luxembourg held conference «The rise of anti -EU parties and the upcoming European elections». The conference was organized by the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg in cooperation with the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies chaired by Armand Clesse. The conference gathered many researchers and experts on populism and nationalism from EU countries including Austria, Belgium, the Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands, France etc.

Experts and representatives of the Luxembourg scientific community tried to find answers to some crucial questions concerning the future of Europe, such as: is the rise of anti -EU parties has no alternative? Why Euroscepticism is popular now? What changes will suffer the political landscape of Europe in the nearest future? What measures could be taken in case of voting against on national and supranational level?

In his speech the Ambassador of Russia in Luxembourg Mark Entin spoke in detail about the causes of euroscepticism, showing its inextricable links with the inability of the ruling elites in the EU to conduct effective socially oriented policy and in same time balanced foreign policy based on equality, cooperation, respect the interests and aspirations of developing countries all other actors; Ambassador urged to be more attentive to the opinions of others.