Ambassador visits ESC

On May 28, 2013 Ambassador Mark Entin visited the Economic and social council of Luxembourg (ESC). He took part in the meeting with President of the ESC Mr. Gary Kneip and General Secretary of the ESC Mrs. Marianne Nati-Stoffel.

The Economic and social council of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the permanent advisory body of the Government’s economic and social policy. The ESC is the central institutional body of permanent social dialogue and professional consultation at the national level. At the request of the Government or on its own initiative, the ESC examines the economic, social and financial problems and tries to find consensus and sustainable solutions in order to guide the Government.

During the visit of the Russian Ambassador there was an exchange of views on possible economic cooperation between the two countries. The Russian Ambassador expressed the desire to deepen relations and proposed the further development of collaboration between the Russian Civic Chamber and the ESC on topics of common interests.