Concert of a chamber orchestra «Virtuosos of Moscow» by Vladimir Spivakov in Luxembourg


 On April 25 this year in Philharmonic hall of Luxembourg as always splendidly acted the chamber orchestra of Vladimir Spivakov «Virtuosos of Moscow». The concert took place within the decade of the Russian culture in the Great Duchy. It was dated for the significant occasion which caused a lot of pride and pleasure for such well-known musicians – the celebration of 35th anniversary of the orchestra! The program which was submitted by the glorified orchestra in Luxembourg, was called «Virtuosos of Moscow. Today and tomorrow». The name speaks for itself: it means long-term work of collective of the orchestra and at the same time continuity of musical traditions. Young talents, scholars of the International charity foundation of Mr.Spivakov — A.Kobekina (violoncello) and M. Sherling (saxophone) took part in the program – our pride already now and our future. Everyone who visited a concert, felt a sheer pleasure from magnificent performances of masterpieces of music of Mozart, Haydn, Shostakovich, Piazzolla, Jimmy van Ossen. Many luxembourgers and the Russian compatriots after a concert told us that performance of «Virtuosos of Moscow» was so magnificent that everyone who could hear it, felt very much inspired and exalted.