Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness celebrated by Russians in Luxembourg

June, the 8th — Russian Ambassador Mark Entin, the Russian expat community and representatives of the Embassy gathered at the Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre to celebrate the «Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness».

 In his address to the guests Ambassador Entin stressed the importance of preserving traditional family values and their key role in ensuring solid long-lasting marriages and happy close-knit families. This year the role model family chosen together with the Russian Women’s Club of Luxembourg were happily married Igor Kim and Irina Yugai and their children. A commemorative medal «For love and faith» was awarded to the couple. Having raised three sons they will be celebrating their 20 anniversary together later this year.

Guests of the Russian Cultural Centre also had the chance to enjoy a short piano concert performed by pianist Yulia Belova and attend a vernissage dedicated to works of art created by a young couple of Russian artists – monumentalist painter, member of the Moscow Artists Union Anna Polikarpova and sculptor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrei Tyrtyshnikov.

 The soiree held on occasion of the holiday also known as the «Day of Peter and Fevronia» has become a traditional summer staple and passed in a friendly and jovial atmosphere bringing together the younger and the older generations.

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