Decade of Russian cultural days in Luxembourg

культура России

On May 3 there was a fabulous, wonderful gala concert of world ballet stars. It finished the informal decade of Russian cultural days in Luxembourg.

The leading dancers of European theatres such as the Vienna City Ballet, Berlin City Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, the National Dance Troupe Portugal, Bavaria City Ballet and the Royal Ballet of London gathered at the Grand Theater of Luxembourg.

At the end of the concert the Luxembourg and Russian public discussed the concert of the famous Russian pianist, winner of international competitions Nicholas Saratov, the exhibition of the artist from Nizhny Novgorod Natalia Pankova and Vice — President of the International Academy of Art Victor Lukyanov, the concert of the vocal ensemble «Anima», the concert of violinist Alena Bayeva, the grand concert of Vladimir Spivakov and Chamber Orchestra «Moscow Virtuosi», the international championship of the game «what? where? when?».

The Russian Ambassador M. Entin stressed that cooperation in the field of culture promotes rapprochement of peoples, mutual understanding between them. The Russians and Luxembourgers traditionally interested in each other’s culture. And the past culture decade has only strengthened this interest.