Luxembourg supports abolition of visas between EU and Russia — Russian ambassador

LUXEMBOURG, April 29 (Itar-Tass) — Luxembourg is among   those few European Union states that support a visa-free   regime with Russia, Russian ambassador to that country Mark   Entin told Itar-Tass on Monday.

“As far as the visa issue is concerned, Luxembourg has been upholding a positive position,” both in terms of talks on further easing the visa regime and on abolishing visas for short-term trips, he noted.

“As for the easier visa regime, Luxembourg’s embassy in   Moscow is vividly demonstrating how quickly and how   efficiently visas can be issued even in the existing   conditions. If all worked as they do, we would have much   less visa claims,” the Russian diplomat stressed.

According to Entin, Luxembourg is taking big effort to   improve conditions for investments and businesses.

“As for the financial services sector, experts say its   quality excels even that in New York,” he noted. But the   visa regime and the fact that there is no direct air   flights to Russia “tell negatively on the potential of our   business contacts,” Entin said and added that Luxembourg is   taking effort to remove such barriers.


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