On the meeting with Commissioner Viviane Reding

Ambassador Mark Entin took part in the meeting with Commissioner Viviane Reding, responsible for justice, human and civil rights.

European Commissioner elaborated on the outcome of the EU activities in the field of building an area of freedom, security and justice. It showed how much has been done in this respect. Thanks to the measures on the unification and harmonization of legislation, the construction of the area of freedom, security and justice had largely reoriented to relief the negative effects of the economic downturn and create conditions for sustainable economic growth in the future.

Much of the speech was devoted to her vision of the future of the European Union. She spoke in favor of further federalization of the EU and called for the strengthening of political union. She commended on the recent speech of the President Francois Hollande to collaborate on the creation of genuine euro zone economic government as evidence of the revival of the Franco-German tandem. In the past it has always been the motor of the European integration, said the Commissioner.

Viviane Reding answered in detail questions of the audience. They dealt with the European Union and the socio-economic and political situation in Luxembourg. Finally, she shared the sensational news that in the beginning of 2015 (after the elections to the European Parliament and the new European Commission) will probably gather another convention on the future of the European Union. It will be formed on the patterns of the previous convention, which agreed on the EU constitution, which has never entered into force, but formed the basis of the Treaty of Lisbon. As the Commissioner said, the convention has to work very hard in order to fit into the schedule according to which at the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Conference a new version of the EU founding treaties will come into force in 2018.