Reception in honor of Valery Shantsev


On April 4 the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg hosted a reception in honor of Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region V.Shantsev and the government and business delegation of the region, headed by him. The reception became the culmination of the three-day working visit to the Grand Duchy, eventful with numerous high-level meetings, visits of industrial sites, consultations and negotiations.
The reception gave the delegation additional opportunities to exchange views and to have working contacts with representatives of the Luxembourg government and business community, as well as to meet with leaders and prominent figures of the Russian expat community in the Grand Duchy.
Russian Ambassador in Luxembourg M.Entin addressed the audience at the opening of the evening. The Ambassador summed up the major results of the visit. He stressed that the visit took place in a difficult foreign policy context, adding to it an additional weight and importance. He expressed the hope that the visit would be a powerful impetus to further development of friendly bilateral relations between the regions of the Russian Federation and the Grand Duchy.
The Governor of Nizhny Novgorod region came out with a welcome address. He shared his impressions about his stay in Luxembourg, described some of the most significant results. He invited the economic mission of the Grand Duchy to visit the region before the end of this year and, if possible, to take part in the famous industrial Nizhny Novgorod Fair.

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