Reception on the occasion of the national holiday – The day of National Unity


On the occasion of the Day of National Unity on November 8 in the Embassy took place the reception. During the last few years this holiday became rather popular, attracted a great number of guests. In the reception took part numerous representatives of a Luxemburgish Russian-speaking community, political, business and scientific representatives, heads of diplomatic missions and journalists.

The event corresponded with international Conference “The Attitude and Contribution of the European Union and it’s Member States to the Development of the EU-Russia relations” which was organized by the “Russkiy Mir” Foundation and Institute of the European and international researchers of Luxembourg. Therefore, among invited people for the reception were also the participants of this Conference. In particular, the head of Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the chairman of the Board of “Russkiy Mir” Foundation — Vyacheslav Nikonov, the Russian and EU scientists, representatives of the European Commission and other bodies of EU allocated in Luxembourg.

The Russian Ambassador during his speech warmly welcomed all the guests.   He explained to everyone the history and the value of this holiday which is celebrated since 2005 in our Country.  He also told everyone about our embassy’s every-day life and its efforts on development of  bilateral relations between Russia and Luxembourg. In a context of international Conference he also emphasized the importance of finding of a common ground between Russia and the European Union, the mutual accounting of interests and transformation of the bilateral agenda to the positive course.

The reception turned out to be very fruitful and interesting. It lasted till late in the evening. It was a pleasure for every participant to feel easy atmosphere, try tasty Russian national dishes and drinks. It gave the opportunity for all presented at the reception to have a good time, communicate to each other in a friendly atmosphere and to exchange contacts.

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