Russian Ambassador meets the President of the Luxemburg parliament

On March 12, 2013 Mr. Mark Entin, the Russian Ambassador in Luxemburg carried on negotiations with Mr. Laurent Mosar, the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. They discussed the development of the cooperation between the parliaments of Russia and Luxemburg following the official visit to the Grand Duchy of Mr. Segueï Narychkin, the President of the Russian State Duma.

On behalf of Mr. Segueï Narychkin the Ambassador expressed to Mr. Laurent Mosar gratitude for the warm welcome was given during his stay in the Grand Duchy. In his turn the President of the Chamber of Deputies asked to thank Mr. Segueï Narychkin for the interesting and fruitful discussion they had as well as for his invitation to visit Moscow. He expressed his confidence that their meeting had laid a good basis for a long-term development of inter-parliamentary liaisons, as well as for direct contacts between the parliamentary committees and deputies of two countries.

Mr. Laurent Mosar backed the idea to create the Russian research centre in the Grand Duchy under the aegis of «Russkiy Mir» Foundation. This institution could contribute to enhance the cooperation between Russia and Luxemburg, including the liaisons between the parliaments of two countries and to simplify access of Luxemburgers to objective information about Russia.