Russian Ball in Luxembourg

On the 19th of January the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg and the Russian Embassy hosted the Russian Ball in Luxembourg. It was held at a very high level — in the glare of the best Luxembourg hall Cercle Cite with guests in elegant evening gowns and tuxedos. Representatives of the Russian community and Luxembourg establishment gathered there for a joyful celebration. The event took place in the best traditions of Russian dances, where the entertainment was in harmony with the spiritual. Especially for the occasion the collection of life-size icons was brought to Luxembourg from the Trinity Sergius Lavra. A fashion designer Anastasia Zadorina demonstrated wedding and evening dresses from her last collection. String Quartet performed some classical pieces of music. Gypsy music band as an essential part of a Russian celebration were there as well.
Russian ambassador in Luxembourg M.L. Entin welcomed the audience. He noted that such events were a huge step in the development of the Russian community in Luxembourg. This event is extremely important for all compatriots. It unites, brings joy, makes people feel as one nation. It is remarkable that this ball is a charity event. All the money from it, as usual, will be transferred to the fund for sick children. “Our task” – said the Ambassador – “is to make sure that members of the Russian community could organize even more grandiose events that recreate the image of Russia as a nation with huge and very bright culture.

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