Speech of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg H.E. Mr. Mark Entin at the conference, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad (21 February 2013)

Dear colleagues,


ladies and gentlemen!

The memory of the Battle of Stalingrad is very important for us. It is a symbolic thing. Why? — Because Stalingrad changed the course of the world history. With this battle a new era began, that influenced on our modern world. The modern Europe is a consequence of Stalingrad!

Stalingrad — is a lasting monument to the courage, the courage of the Russian people, who survived in this terrible war. Stalingrad – is a monument to every soldier who sacrificed his life for others.

Stalingrad – is a symbol of the multinational Russian people. Side by side, next to each other people of different nationalities were fighting with enemies, forgetting everything and remembering only the Motherland!

Stalingrad — is an enormous sacrifice. Many people lost their lives. We lost much. Many children and grandchildren were not born. This is — an enormous loss.

Stalingrad — is also a symbol of martial art of our commanders. They carried out the military operation that was written in all history books of martial art.

Stalingrad — is our conscience. The way we judge this battle, the way we judge and assess the losses, the way we talk about this battle — truthfully or not, keeping silent or saying everything — we define our attitude to ourselves, to the humanity, to the enduring values. These values are above all things!

I wish you a successful and fruitful conference.