The address of the Ambassador at dinner «Inspiring Wo-men»

June 5. Russian Ambassador M.L.Entin spoke at the «Evening of Ambassadors.» The event was organized by the Association «Inspiring Wo-men», which holds gala dinners, presents awards for achievements in public life, brings together successful businessmen, politicians, representatives of culture and the media. This club aims to increase business contacts, exchange of experience for future growth.

The event was unique — there as guests of honor were the ambassadors of Romania, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, as well as honorary marshal of Grand-Ducal court, former ambassador of Luxembourg in Russia Guy de Muyser. The format of the event (gastronomic dinner at a private club «Cercle Munster») contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.

Russian Ambassador spoke about the Russian-Luxembourg relations and prospects for their development, how he manages to combine private life with the service for his country, urged the participants to be honest and give objective coverage of world events.