The meeting of V.Nikonov with L.Mosar


On November 8 at the Palace of the European Commission, Building Jean Monnet in Luxembourg, there was a meeting of the Chairman Committee for Education of the State Duma, the Executive Director of the Foundation «Russki Mir» V.Nikonov and the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg L.Mosar. The meeting was held on the margins of the international conference «The Attitude and Contribution of the Member States of the European Union to the Development of the EU-Russia Relations».

V.Nikonov told in detail about the dynamics of the political situation in Russia, the current alignment of political forces in our country. In his turn, L.Mosar commented on the recent events in the life of the Parliament of the Grand Duchy. He spoke on the current negotiations concerning the formation of new parliament.

A special attention was paid to the further strengthening of bilateral relations between Russia and Luxembourg.