Working visit of a delegation of the Samara Region

On the proposal of the Chamber of Commerce the Days of Russian regions will be incorporated in Luxembourg Fair of Grand Region. The idea was well accepted by a number of regions of the Russian Federation. The delegation of economic bloc of the government of Samara Region was in Luxembourg to discuss the modalities of their participation in the Fair.

Minister Schneider met Russian Vice President and Minister of Economic Development, Investment and Commerce Alexander Kobenko and Minister of Ownership of the Region Yulia Stepnova to discuss current and potential economic links between the two states. Luxembourg’s government confirmed in a statement that the two parties discussed the current economic climate, but also looked into possible developments meant to strengthen bilateral relations between the Grand Duchy and the Samara region.

The representatives of the Samara Region spoke of future plans for economic development of the region, possible collaboration in the sphere of space, the modernization of auto industry and others.