Application by Syrian Christians


The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received an application through its diplomatic channels from Syrian Christians from the Kalamoun region, in Damascus Province, where world famous Christian sanctities of Syria are located. We publish its annotated translation from Arabic.

“We, the Christians of Kalamoun residing in populated areas of Seydnaya, Maara Seydnaya, Maalyulya and Maaruna, for the first time since Christmas are under the threat of exile from our land. We prefer death to wanderingaround refugee camps. Therefore we will protect our Homeland, honour and belief and we won’t leave the land on which Christ walked.

Kalamoun Christians think that the purpose of terrorists who are supported by the West is the elimination of our primordial presence by the most disgusting methods, including brutal murders of simple people.

We see a strong factor of peace and stability in the entire world in the Russian Federation. Russia maintains a firm stance to protect Syria, its people and territorial integrity. We always feel support from the Russian Orthodox Church.

For ages Christians of the East have known: nobody cares about their interests like Russia. Russia has always been with them in times of challenge in political, economic, humanitarian and other aspects.

Since Syrian law allows one to have double citizenship, we have chosen to apply to the Russian Federation to obtain Russian citizenship, if it is possible. Every Syrian wishing to obtain it would be honoured to receive it. We would be under Russia’s protection, if we were subjected to the threat of physical elimination by terrorists. Nobody among the fifty thousand people – doctors, engineers, lawyers, businessmen – who are ready to sign this application wishes to leave their homes. We have everything we need, we do not ask for money.

Our application means that we have doubts about the Syrian army and government. The conspiracy of the West and hatred-driven fanatics, who fight a cruel war against our country, fill us with dread. The events in Maalyulya have been a lesson for us.

Christians of Seydnaya, Maara Seydnaya, Maalyulya and Maaruna express their deep respect for Russia and its government, and the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. 3 October 2013”.

The signatures of the representatives of the families applying for Russian citizenship are under this text.