Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the voting on the draft resolution «Territorial integrity of Ukraine» in the UN General Assembly


On the 27 March there was a plenary session in the UN General Assembly, within the framework of which the draft UNGA resolution «Territorial integrity of Ukraine», proposed by the Ukrainian delegation jointly with several co-authors, was reviewed. As in the case of the draft UN Security Council resolution which was not adopted on the 15 March, its main element is an appeal to UN member states not to acknowledge the results of the successfully exercised legal right to self-determination of the Crimeans.

We cannot but regret that insistence, which deserves better application, with which the Kiev authorities and foreign «advocates» representing them attempt to distort the nature of the worrying processes taking place in Ukraine. The entire potential of the propagandistic machine of «cold war» times has been used to overshadow the fact of the deepest internal political crisis in Ukraine and to shift responsibility for the escalation of tensions to the Russian Federation.

The results of gross interference by several western countries in Ukrainian affairs are evident: anticonstitutional change of power in Kiev, breakdown of the system of state order, including at regional and local level, incapacity of law enforcement bodies, outrages by extremists and fascists, massive violations of human rights, threats to the security of national and language minorities, further aggravation of the social and economic situation.

A wide dispersion of positions of UN member states, a large number of abstained states or those who were not present at the voting, were an eloquent testimony that they do not accept the unilateral interpretation of events in Ukraine. At the same time, it is known what shameless pressure up to political blackmailing and economic threats was applied on several member states to make them vote for this resolution.

The counter-productive initiative with the resolution of the General Assembly will only complicate cooperation for the purposes of settlement of the internal political crisis in Ukraine. We appeal to constructively disposed and independently thinking participants of the international community to target their efforts on real contribution to the stabilisation of the situation in this country and to show respect for the results of the free will of the Crimean population, which has already played its historical role and it is pointless disputing this.