Comment by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Lukashevich regarding some British assessments of the situation with chemical weapons in Syria

The Russian Federation in numerous public statements made it clear concerning suspicions about the involvement of Syrian rebels to incidents on use of chemical weapons. There is some evidence that appeared widely available on the internet. The results of investigation of the events in Huta on August 21 this year, held by Sv.Yakov Abbess in Homs Agnes M. el-Salib; testimonies of some Western journalists who visited the locations of Syrian opposition groups, affiliated with the Al- Qaeda; the documents of NGO “The Truth About Syria”. In addition, it became public the collective letter of the group of retired high-ranking CIA and the Pentagon officials to the President of the United States, who put in doubt the version of the Syrian regime ‘s use of chemical weapons. It is, finally, the results of Russian specialist’s research of materials relating to the incident in Khan al- Asal on March 19 that was submitted to the UN Security Council.