Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with the signing of «S. Magnitsky law» by the President of the United States

The United States president signed the odious law adopted by the United States Congress, in which the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment outlived long ago is accompanied by the introduction of new sanctions against Russian citizens. Such cynical linkage causes the rejection. If Washington thinks that granting of the regime of normal trade relations to Russia can be « exchanged for » the blatant interference in our internal affairs, then it is the short-sighted and dangerous position.
We recall that after the accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO it is the notorious amendment, which deprived the U.S. businesses to benefit from the prospects of the Russian market. Senators and congressmen executed the order of their businesses without a twinge of conscience furnished such lawmaking as hypocritical and opportunistic «concern» about human rights — and, as usual, not at its home, where there is not all right with democracy.
Of course, we understand the motives of this political game started by those, who are against the improvement of Russian-American relations. They are willing to use any excuse to «punish» Russia for the independent and principal position in international affairs. We regret that the U.S. administration stating about adherence to the development of stable and constructive bilateral relations could not defend their declared position in front of those, who look to the past and see in our country not a partner, but enemy — quite in keeping with the precepts of the «Cold War».