Election of Russia to the ECOSOC


On the 30 October, the UN General Assembly selected 18 members of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Russia was re-elected to the Council for another three-year term from 2014-2016. 180 UN member states voted in support of Russia.

The ECOSOC, as a statutory body of the UN, is a central coordination mechanism in the UN development system and an important international arena for the search for collective decisions on topical issues in the economic, social, environmental and related fields.

Russia has been a permanent member of the ECOSOC since its establishment. The weighty level of support for us is significant evidence of the remarkable contribution of the Russian party to the effective functioning of the Council and the proper fulfilment of its responsibilities.

Russia will continue to make the necessary efforts to reinforce the ECOSOC’s potential and to activate constructive interaction with partners within its framework. We plan to devote special attention to the prompt and maximum implementation of decisions of large international conferences in the social and economic area, the achievement of Millennium Development Goals and the formation of the Global Agenda in the area of development for the period after 2015.