Foreign Ministry: Russia never opposed Ukraine’s ‘European choice’

Moscow has urged the European Union not to distort reality, noting that it has never objected to Ukraine’s «European choice».

«We’re urging the EU not to distort reality and give not emotional, but objective and economically justified evaluations of the scenarios of Ukraine’s socio-economic development after signing the Association Agreement,» Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Alexander Lukashevich said on Thursday.»We’d like to underline that unlike EU politicians who never tire of criticizing our neighbors’ interest in Eurasian economic integration, we’ve never come out against Ukraine’s ‘European choice. Moreover, in the Declaration on Eurasian economic integration of November 11, 2011, presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan inherently formalized our “European choice” as well, expressing themselves in favor of strengthening the comprehensive, mutually beneficial and equal collaboration with the EU with prospects of creating a mutual economic space, in favor of mutual rapprochement of integration processes in Euro-Atlantics and Eurasia”.

“I can tell frankly: we were surprised that in the recent days several ranking officials of the European Commission at one started to blame our country in all but racketing Ukraine, striving to make it join the Customs Union (CU) and then the yet to be created Eurasian Economic Union (EEU),” Lukashevich said. “The essence is that Russia is said to be by all means interdict Ukraine from signing a beneficial Association Agreement with the EU and ‘draw’ Kiev in the CU by means of threats and economic levers.” The diplomat stressed: “It is characteristic that the EU makes its cornerstone not the interests of Ukraine’s citizens, but geopolitical concerns, and fears “loosing Ukraine”, as said by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton.”