Kiev authorities making situation in Ukraine catastrophic – Vitaly Churkin


Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that the current Ukrainian regime is likely to drive the country to a catastrophe. «The Kiev regime, supported by Western «well-wishers», is driving Ukraine to a catastrophe,» Churkin said. The Russian diplomat also stressed that the recent statements of Ukraine’s authorities show that they are not going to fulfill the agreements that were concluded at an international meeting on Ukraine on April 17.

«Several days after that meeting, Ukraine’s authorities resumed the so-called «antiterrorist» (in fact, repressive) operation in the country’s southeast,» Vitaly Churkin said. «They sent about 15,000 troops, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery devices, planes and detachments of the so-called «Right Sector» there,» Interfax reports.

Moscow insists on a thorough investigation of the assassination of the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes, it is premature to blame activists in southeastern Ukraine, said Russia’s permanent representative at the UN.

«A thorough investigation should be held, one should not try to knock him off the scent » Churkin said during the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in Ukraine. According to him, some of his Western colleagues rushed to conclusions that the assassination of the mayor of Kharkov was organized by protestors from the south-east of Ukraine.

«It is known that Gennady Kernes sharply opposed the excesses that took place in other regions of Ukraine, had a tough political collision with one of the leaders of the current power structures of Kiev», said Churkin.

Sanctions against Russia is irresponsible approach of West to international politics


Sanctions against Russia prove irresponsible approach of the West towards the international politics, said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin.

«Instead of honest work together to output Ukraine from the crisis, which started by their own political adventurism, our colleagues from the US and the EU prefer to spread malicious innuendo about Russian politics, intrigue against Russia, inventing so-called sanctions, senseless and counterproductive » Churkin said during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s decision to send OSCE observers to southeast probably is provocation – Russian envoy

Russia’s permanent envoy in the UN Vitaly Churkin says that the decision of Ukraine’s authorities to send observers from member countries of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe was a provocation or, at least, stupidity.

The observers were invited by Ukraine’s authorities, so, the latter were responsible for their security, Mr. Churkin says.

However, Ukraine’s authorities put the foreign guests in a bus and sent them to a region controlled by militias without giving them any documents that would confirm their status.

Now, Russia is trying to rescue the foreign observers, Vitaly Churkin says. One of them has already been released because of his health condition.

The unarmed observers from OSCE countries were detained near the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk in the end of last week. They were visiting Ukraine at the invitation of the country’s authorities. This visit quite coincided with the norms of the Vienna Document (an agreement between OSCE member countries implementing confidence and security building measures), Vitaly Churkin insists.

Kiev not implementing Geneva agreements

Kiev authorities have done nothing to implement the Geneva agreements, pushing Ukraine to crash, told the UN Security Council’s permanent representative of Russia at the world organization, Vitaly Churkin.

On April 17 in Geneva Russia, the US, the EU and Ukraine agreed on measures to de-escalate the conflict, on the disarmament of illegal armed groups, the release of illegally occupied buildings and early national dialogue on constitutional reform. As stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, one of the main points of agreements was disarmament of the «Right Sector.»

Nothing was done for the implementation of the Geneva document authorities in Kiev,» said Churkin. According to him, the US «could not or did not want to» convince Kiev to meet its obligations under the agreements reached in Geneva. Kiev mode is «pushing the country to a catastrophe,» said the Russian permanent representative. From their side, the United States and other members of the UN Security Council made accusations against Russia.