New provocative actions of the Arctic Sunrise

On the 18 September, Ron van Dartel, Ambassador of the Netherlands, was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry and was issued with a note regarding provocative actions of the Arctic Sunrise flying the flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the aquatic area adjacent to the northern shore of the Russian Federation.

As was established, on the 18 September 2013 at 04.20 (Moscow time) 4 speedboats carrying unknown persons were launched from the ship, they approached the Prirazlomnaya platform, an oil and gas complex of the Russian Federation, and then attempted to board it and infiltrate the site using special tools. When the speedboats moved in the direction of the platform, they were towing an unknown barrel-shaped object.

The actions of the transgressors were of an aggressive nature and showed external signs of extremism, which could lead to the deaths of people and other severe consequences. To prevent the attempt at occupation of the site, the Russian coastguard’s ship Ladoga started shooting using small-arms as a warning. Two passengers of one of speedboats (supposedly Swedish and Finnish nationals) were taken from the platform and handed over to the coastguard’s ship. Two other transgressors remained locked to the platform. The speedboats returned on board their ship.

Because of a real danger for the Russian platform and non-compliance with legal requirements of the coastguard authorities to stop wrongful actions, it was decided to detain the ship.

The captain of the Arctic Sunrise did not respond to legal requests. As a result at 07.15 (Moscow time), the coastguard ship began shooting against the ship using its ship’s weapons as a warning. However, the Arctic Sunrise did not reactto the warning, left the protective zone, and remained on its border.

In the note submitted to the Netherlands Ambassador, the actions of the crew of the ship flying the flag of Holland were described as provocative, creating a threat for the lives of people and capable of causing an environmental disaster in the Arctic area with unpredictable consequences.

It contained an appeal to the competent authorities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to take proper effective measures to exclude any repetition of such actions in the future.

The Ambassador promised to urgently transfer the note of the Russian Foreign Ministry and our assessments of the actions of the crew of the Arctic Sunrise to the addressee.