Russian parliamentarians: equal conditions of recycling will apply to all

Prepared by the Russian Government, the law provides for equal conditions for payment of the utilization fee for foreign and Russian car manufacturers. The draft law » On Amendments to Article 24.1 of the Federal Law «On Production and Consumption « was submitted to the State Duma, May 31, 2013.

Russian producers will have to pay a recycling fee. The requirement to pay this fee is also extended to vehicles placed in the Kaliningrad region under the customs procedure of free customs zone and on vehicles imported from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The explanatory note to the bill states that its development is «due to the need to adapt the legislation of the Russian Federation to the conditions of membership of the Russian Federation to the World Trade Organization”.

The EU pointed out the discriminatory nature of the recycling fee on cars and threatened to file a claim in the body of the WTO dispute settlement, if Russia does not correct the situation. In December 2012 during the EU — Russia summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed ministries to study the issue of «leveling the conditions» for its collection.