The White Book on violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine


The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law prepared the White Book (in Russian and English), which summarises many facts of violations of human rights and rule of law principles in Ukraine. It is based on information from Russian, Ukrainian and some Western media sources, statements by leaders of the “new government” of Ukraine and their supporters, eyewitness accounts and on-the-spot observations and interviews of Russian non-commercial organisations.

The facts from the report about the biggest violations of fundamental international principles and norms in the area of human rights and rule of law, which were committed by the national radicals, which have monopolized the Euromaidan protests with connivance, but sometimes absolute stimulation by the United States and the EU, who supported them, give enough grounds to claim that such phenomena were widespread.

As a result of the seize of power by force and the anti-constitutional coup legitimate state authorities were actually broken down and a reign of lawlessness started. The growth of ultranationalist, extremist and neo-Nazi moods, religious intolerance and xenophobia, threats and pressure from leaders of the Euromaidan on their political opponents, purging, repressions, physical violence and open gangsterism have become a habit.

The essential task of this White Book is to focus on facts to which the international community and key international human rights bodies, as well as relevant non-governmental organizations have not shown proper and impartial attention yet to find and call to account those who are responsible for the indicated actions.

The White Book