100th anniversary of the CSV


On January 16 the 100th anniversary of the CSV (Christian Social People’s Party) is celebrated as part of the New Year reception in Mamer. This is indeed the 16.01.1914 that the party, that preceded the CSV, was founded. The roots of CSV date back to 1914 with the foundation of the Luxembourg “Rietspartei”, PD (Party of the Right). The party was formed by politically active Catholics who wanted to minimize the effects of the Marxist and Capitalist impact on Luxembourg and, most importantly, build a united front to fight the growing anti-clericalism influencing the country.
CSV is probably the single European political party that has had the most striking success: since its founding, the party has led all Luxembourg governments, except that of the Prime Minister Gaston Thorn between 1974 and 1979 and that of Xavier Bettel since 2013.