Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Pope Francis

The election of a new pope has been widely discussed in Luxembourg, where the majority of the population professes Catholic faith.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes the first Argentinian to become Pope. He has chosen the name Francis.

Archbishop of Buenos Aires since 1998 and aged 76, he is the first pope in the history from American continent and the first Jesuit. He is considered to be a progressive cardinal who made a fight against poverty his main action. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in an Italian origin modest family. «A father, a brother, a friend,» thus called him John Paul II, when he appointed him as a cardinal in 2001.

The pope, who took the name of Francis, expressing his tribute to the Saint of the Church. He is a first pope in the history of the papacy, urged the faithful to «undertake a path of brotherhood, love and evangelization.»