Coalition partners sign agreement


 “Formateur” Xavier Bettel unveiled only some details of the agreement on Friday. However, it was announced, which parties would be taking on which dossiers for the coming legislative period.

The distribution runs as follows:

DP: Prime Minister and Ministry of State, finance, treasury, budget, family, integration, education and vocational training, children and youth, higher education and research, housing, agriculture, consumer protection, communication and media, culture, religious affairs, Greater Region and parliamentary relations

LSAP: Vice-Premier, economy and foreign trade, middle classes, tourism, foreign affairs, immigration and asylum, defence, police, cooperation and humanitarian aid, health, social security, public service, administrative reform, labour and employment, interior affairs, equal opportunities and sport

“Déi Gréng”: Justice, sustainable development, infrastructure, transport, environment, water management, public works and land development

Outlining the programme, Bettel said that the new government would undertake a tax reform, while pointing out that Luxembourg would have to maintain the lowest VAT rates in Europe. The coalition also plans to present a budget over the coming months, with a particular focus on limiting spending and “social selectivity”.

In regards to family and social policies, the new coalition wants to review all current services. One example cited by the future Prime Minister was unemployment benefits, which need to be examined for the effectiveness to help jobseekers reintegrate into the labour market.

Following this short presentation, Xavier Bettel and Claude Meisch (DP), as well as Etienne Schneider (LSAP) and Félix Braz («déi Gréng») signed the coalition agreement, which will now be put forward to their respective parties for a vote.

The vote is planned for Tuesday, which is also when the full agreement will be made public, Bettel confirmed, refusing to answer further questions about its content by journalists.

Following the journalists report.