CSV defines its action program

CSV defines at its congress an action program for legislative elections. «Let us fight for a more equitable and stable country,» promised Saturday Jean-Claude Juncker Junglinster, during the presentation of the program of CSV. In a 55-page program, the CSV details how they want to ensure the future equity and stability in the country.

Starting with the organization of the State and, in particular, the reform of the Constitution. Grand Duke must remain a symbol of unity and independence, a figure which remains above the political parties. The Constitution should include rules on the dissolution of Parliament as well as issues of religious freedom and the Luxembourg language.

Participation in elections must remain a matter of nationality: the party distanced itself from the proposals of other parties to establish the right to vote based on the length of residence.

CSV offers a «moderate increase» in VAT in order to partially offset the lack of revenue from e-commerce. The VAT rate for food will remain at 3%.

As for the indexation of salaries, the CSV is in favor of a single annual tranche until further notice.