CSV is ready to participate in the parliamentarian elections in 2014

CSV leaders, as Marc Spautz, Michel Wolter, Jean-Claude Juncker declared the readiness of their party to “struggle” for political leadership. On Saturday the CSV national congress brought together 600 delegates at the centre of Junglinster. Today the Christian-socialists face many challenges that require the party-adaptation to the modern realities. The parliament elections in 2014 will take place in a climate of a particularly difficult political race.

In spite of being involved in one or another current political issue such as Wickrange-Livange, SREL, Bommeleeër — process: Christian Social Party has increased its number of members in recent months according to the Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. In the view of Michel Wolter — two thirds of that issues are orchestrated by political opponents. «There are those who intend to make a very long electoral campaign. And that is why they try to attack the Prime Minister by old methods, such as the involvement of CSV in the government or the personal responsibility of Jean-Claude Juncker who is at power for a long time» says Michel Wolter.