Election list numbers drawn

In the next step towards the general elections on October 20, the list numbers were drawn on Thursday morning by the president of the Luxembourg district court.

The list number decides in which order the parties will appear on the ballot, as well as where their campaign posters will appear, with all parties assigned particular spots.

While the drawing of the numbers is a traditional part of pre-election procedures, party representatives were confident on Tuesday that the number does not affect the outcome of the elections.

“A good programme and good candidates are key,” said CSV Secretary General Laurent Zeimet at the “Cité Judiciaire” on Tuesday morning. “The CSV is is confidently looking forward to the coming weeks.”

The numbers run as follows:

  1. Déi Lénk
  2. ADR
  3. KPL
  4. DP
  5. Piraten
  6. Déi Gréng
  7. LSAP
  8. CSV
  9. PID