Elections: LSAP, DP and Déi Gréng meetings

The DP, the LSAP and Déi Gréng will designate on Tuesday their leading candidate for early elections in October.

 LSAP: Jean Asselborn announced last Friday that he would leave the list to give the place to E.Schneider. On Tuesday evening, the party holds its extraordinary congress. E.Schneider should logically get the support. The vote is secret. The Extraordinary Congress is on Tuesday at 19.00 in Strassen.

DP: Liberals should play the card of Claude Meisch, even if the natural leader is Xavier Bettel. But the Mayor of the City has been saying lately that he would keep the mayor of the City and it would not be inclined to accept a ministerial post. But the situation has changed with early elections that could lead to a coalition of three (DP, Déi Gréng and LSAP). It would be difficult for Xavier Bettel to refuse the post of prime minister. The meeting will take place at 19 hours.

Déi Gréng: The Greens also designate on Tuesday during an extraordinary congress one who will lead them in this campaign. F.Bausch is the best candidate to carry out any coalition negotiations. The Greens will meet on Tuesday at 18:30 in Limpertsberg.