Etienne Schneider announced the creation of a new cluster in the automobile industry

On October 3, 2013 The Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Etienne Schneider spoke about the importance of the Luxembourg cluster initiative within a sustainable economic policy of the Grand Duchy. Clusters are an important part of innovation policy of Luxembourg. They bring together companies, research institutions and other interested parties of certain sectors for joint development projects in the economic and technological fields .

In 2002, the Government of Luxembourg issued a Luxembourg cluster initiative to actively promote sectors that are crucial to the economic development of Luxembourg. These clusters bring together stakeholders in the field of biomedicine, environmental technology, information technology and communications, space technology. Clusters have an efficient organizational structure. Each is headed by a president who represents the private sector.

By 2020, the cluster initiative should help to achieve the ambitious goal, namely, the creation of 300 new enterprises and the creation of 3,000 new jobs. E.Shneider also announced the launch of a new cluster in the automobile sector in the context of improving the international coordination of state cooperation in the automobile industry. There is no doubt that there are huge problems in the automobile sector that need to be resolved in the future, it concerns environmental issues and the development of new technologies.