European CSV deputies on major EU issues

The three MEPs from CSV, Astrid Lulling, Georges Bach and President Frank Engel compiled a record of their activities and the major European issues since the beginning of their work in autumn 2012.

For them the 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework (MFF) is unacceptable in its present form, with its budget cuts that put the EU in a deficit situation, that the European treaties forbid. It will not be enough to fund new decisions, such as those concerning younger people. For Frank Engel the members of the European Council are «dreamers» who «did not understand the common good of Europe.» Georges Bach has meanwhile expressed dismay vis-à-vis the European Council decisions on the MFF. The austerity policy which has been conducted since 2010 «is not accepted by the citizens.»

Frank Engel described the decisions of the Eurogroup on Cyprus as «hold-up on accounts» («Konteklau» in the text). The idea of ​​a tax on bank deposits destroyed according to him the confidence of Europeans in their banking systems. Astrid Lulling is concerned, however much by the part of the agreement that urged Cypriots to reduce their financial sector, given the argument that the deposits were eight times higher than the annual GDP. However, this argument can be turned against Luxembourg, where deposits equivalent to seventeen times the GDP, and if investment funds are included, 68 times GDP. However, the difference is that the Cypriot business model is not sustainable, while that of Luxembourg is, she said.