Jean Asselborn warns of military intervention in Syria

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn talked to the journalists of “Luxemburger Wort” about the situation around Syria.He has warned of military intervention in Syria, saying that time should be allowed for the UN investigation into a chemical weapons attack to come to a conclusion.

UN investigators are on site to determine whether a chemical weapons attack took place, not to determine who carried out the attack, explained Asselborn. A report is set to reach UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon by the end of this week, and Ban is expected to speak to the UN Security Council following the report.

Meanwhile, several Western powers, including the US, the UK and France are reportedly prepared for military intervention in Syria, with or without a UN resolution.

Asselborn acknowledged to the “Luxemburger Wort” that according to his “personal impression” and further information, he believes that a military strike is possible within the coming days.

However, he warned that such action might not be in the best interest of international law, warning that the international community has not yet exhausted diplomatic means to approach and help solve the crisis.

Referring to the current situation in Iraq, the Foreign Minister said that blood-shed cannot be ended by military action, adding that “only the political path is viable.”

The use of chemical weapons is a crime against humanity, the minister said, and “we should not be indifferent to the atrocities.” However, rash military action might not be the way forward.