Jean-Claude Juncker meets labour unions and employers for bilateral talks

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker met with both unions  and employers for bilateral talks this week, ahead of his state of the nation  address on April 10.

At the meeting with Luxembourg’s labour unions on Wednesday, Finance  Minister Luc Frieden presented a gloomy outlook for the Grand Duchy’s public  finances. Frieden predicted that the deficit could climb as high as two billion  euros by 2016 due to the loss of taxes from the e-commerce sector starting  2015.

Union representatives from the LCGB, OGBL and CGFP were in agreement  that the situation is serious. However, both OBGL and CGFP said that the numbers  presented by Frieden were a worst-case scenario and that this could still be  avoided.

The unions were largely positive about the meeting, which  particularly stressed the importance of the government to address rising  unemployment in the country, especially among young people and older  workers.