Luxembourg approved the Arms Trade Treaty during the vote at the United Nations

The UN General Assembly adopted on April 3 the first Arms Trade Treaty. This document covers all international transfers including the export, import and transit of such weapons. The resolution opens the Treaty for signature from June 3, 2013.

154 of 193 UN member countries including Luxembourg voted for the Treaty and 3 (Syria, North Korea, Iran) against. But 23 countries abstained, among them some of the major exporters (Russia, China) or buyers of such weapons (Egypt, India, Indonesia).

Speaking to journalists, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said that the treaty did not clearly define the humanitarian criteria for assessing risks. This, he said, might be interpreted ambiguously and might be used by some states to serve their political interests. «Despite persistent appeals from many states, the treaty still does not contain a ban on arms supplies to unauthorized nonstate entities», Churkin said. «This is a considerable systematic flaw that will unavoidably affect the effectiveness of the implementation of the arms-trade treaty».