Luxembourg FM Jean Asselborn on results of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Ukraine


The EU foreign ministers agreed in Brussels yesterday on sanctions against persons who are responsible for violence in Kiev. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said after the meeting: «We have been careful not to torpedo the negotiations between the EU Foreign Ministers and the political leadership in Kiev, and gathered in Brussels on measures which do not undermine this partial success». The EU foreign ministers meeting in Kiev and Brussels should be a signal to the people, «that the EU takes people seriously,» said Asselborn. The Luxembourg diplomacy chief warned of a division of the country.

Collaborate with Russia

The crisis in Ukraine will certainly cannot be resolved by sanctions only, Asselborn said, but rather by a «democratic Restart» and a revival of the economy. At the highest priority that Russia and the EU have to agree on a common basis. He believes that Russia is not interested in a destabilized Ukraine. Next Tuesday Asselborn meets his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. He will explain that the European Union position «is not anti-Russian». A collaboration between the strategic partners of the EU and Russia is essential for Jean Asselborn to solve the Ukraine crisis.

Sources: «Tageblatt», «Wort»

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