Luxembourg Foreign minister on Mali and Syria

Foreign minister Jean Asselborn gave some comments to the “Tageblatt” newspaper about the situation in Mali and Syria. “If the French military forces had entered Mali a bit later, the country would have already been in the terrorists’ hands”, he said. The normalization of the situation in the country is a complex challenge, thinks Jean Asselborn, as the liberation of the North of the country from terrorists and islamists will not bring peace. It is also necessary to take account of the political tensions in the south, warns the foreign minister.

Jean Asselborn expressed his hope for the cooperation with the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad as the negotiations with its members might bring some results.

As for the situation in Syria, the Luxembourg Foreign minister does not see any probable answer to the problem in the near future. He considers it necessary to search for a way-out in different dimensions — military, humanitarian and political. Jean Asselborn spoke against military intervention against Syria from outside.