Luxembourg in figures

Statec released yesterday Luxembourg in figures, a 48-page brochure detailing both the demographics of the country its habits, its economic condition or climate.

537,000 people lived in the country in late 2012 against 512,000 in late 2011. Foreigners are the number of 238,000, or 44% of the total population, against 42% in 2011. In 2012, 537,000 residents of Luxembourg earned an average of 3,035 euros per month.

  Among the foreigners residing in Luxembourg, the Portuguese form the largest community with 88,200 citizens (16% of the population), followed by French (35 200), Italy (18,300), Belgium (17,600) and Germans (12,400).

In the economic sphere, the number of firms in the country has increased from 28,361 in 2007 to 31,581 in 2010. The largest employers are the first state with 26,112 employees followed ArcelorMittal (4810 employees) and BGL BNP Paribas (4060).

 Luxembourg in figures can be downloaded from the website