Luxembourg population reaches over 530,000

As of January 2013, more than 530,000 people were registered in the Grand Duchy, with over 20,000 new arrivals to the country in 2012, and over 44 percent foreigners among the population.

On January 1 this year, the Luxembourg statistics office Statec registered 537,039 people living in the country.

6,026 births were registered in comparison to 3,876 deaths. Meanwhile 20,478 people came to live in Luxembourg, with only 10,442 moving away.

The number of non-nationals living in Luxembourg has grown to 44.5 percent.

The largest portion is made up of Portuguese residents (16.4 percent of the population), followed by French (6.6 percent), Italian (3.4 percent), Belgian (3.4 percent) and German (2.3 percent).

Other EU27 nationals make up 6.4 percent, while non-EU nationals make up 6.1 percent of the population.