Luxembourg press about the attack on Jean-Claude Juncker


The press of Luxembourg pays a close attention to the struggle waged around the candidacy of Jean-Claude Juncker to the post of chairman of the European Commission.

Luxembourg’s CSV slammed what they called a “disgusting campaign” against Jean-Claude Juncker by British tabloid newspaper The Sun, which on Sunday published allegations about family ties to the Nazi regime during the Second World War.

The Christian Socialists in Luxembourg damned the article, saying that it mocks the “sacrifice and ordeal of all the people who suffered under Nazi rule in Luxembourg.”

In an official statement the CSV commented that the campaign’s only goal was to keep the former Luxembourg PM from becoming the next European Commission president — “at all cost.”

“Because it is based on lies, this campaign is bound to fail,” the CSV said, offering its “deep friendship and solidarity with Jean-Claude Juncker and his family.”